A DIY Guide to Exterminating Pests


It goes without mention that finding simple tips for dealing with pest infestation such as mosquitoes, and even ants could be a lifesaver. There are many ways to tackle the problem, and the skills you use will depend on your area. Moreover, the availability of any ingredients that you need for pest control will play a role as well. Although it is worth noting that acquiring the services of a Qualified Pest Control & Bed Bug Exterminators in Detroit is the best way to go, there is nothing wrong with knowing how to go about if you do it yourself. On that note, this simple article will explain some of the tips that can help you handle pests effectively such that they are not a source of embarrassment when your guests are present. The following are some of the low scale options that can work for a small house.


  • Borax & sugar

A combination of these two ingredients can be all you need for trapping ants. These crawling insects can be notorious in the home, and when they bite, it is quite painful. You need to make the mixture then put it wherever you see ants marching. They will fall right into the trap. They will get in because of the sugar and remain trapped because of the glue element created by the mixture. You need about half a cup of sugar as well as a cup of hot water and at least two spoonfuls of the Borax plus a container to hold the mix.

  • Garlic-mint spray

Apart from mint, this spray includes powdered garlic. It is easy to use since you only need the mixture as well as a spray bottle. Direct the spray near areas or over the areas where you spot the pests. You could also include cayenne pepper to help with the effectiveness of the spray. The crawling insects will stay away from the surfaces sprayed with this homemade mixture.

  • Essential oils spray

This remedy works for dust mite mostly. Use clove, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or rosemary oils in a fair mixture of water, depending on results you wish to obtain. You could also include basil as well as lemongrass to improve the functionality of your homemade spray. The lemongrass will repel mites, fleas, and lice.


Sometimes the problems are just too big for you to handle, especially when you have a persistent problem and a large place to cover. A visit by a fumigation company could be what you need. You must only use service providers for qualified pest control in Detroit. That way you eliminate risks of mediocre results. You will be dealing with the experts mentioned earlier in this article that have necessary scientific background to understand the pest problem you face.