Benefits Of Twitter On Investor Relations Company


Twitter is used as communication tool whereby the desired information to a group of the individual at a particular time. Other examples of communication tools are emails, press releases, yearly or quarterly reports, executive presentations, financial reports and so on. Twitter can play so many roles in the current market. The majority of Chief Executive Officers are not willing to use Twitter as a way of advertising their products and services in their companies. There are substantial benefits of Twitter on Investor Relations firm, and some of them are as follows;

Being proactive


In general, Twitter is considered to be an important and valuable tool to the business itself and also to investor relations groups. Numerous contacts will be initiated between the company and the potential and existing investors. The presentations, the investor relations’ site and the advertisements made on television usually need all the targeted individuals to come for the right information being communicated. Twitter is considered as being proactive and not unique at the same time in that the information shared reaches masses of people at the shortest time possible. Newsletters, emails and phone calls are some examples of the form of communication which can be prompted by the department in investor relations or the business itself.

Control of communication

When the contact information of the user is given to another party is considered as the period whereby managing communication ceases. The third party’s leniency to honor the wishes of the end user will be determined from the time the contact is shared. The person receiving the information is allowed to use the data in that he or she is authorized to sell or share the information with other individuals. Through twitter, extra information can be sent by a company or business.


Request for additional information or details are made easier by the employment of Twitter. An individual will be able to get the needed information by clicking once. The information is gotten easily because of lack of check boxes, fill forms, pop-up window, special offer and confirmation button. By a single click, a person can quickly turn off his or her request. The communication relayed is in a flash and wholly.

Safest way of communication


Currently, Twitter is used by most existing and potential investors to acquire additional details or information of business enterprises they wish to invest in or purchase. In a case whereby the interest of an investor gradually decreases in a particular company, he or she will be required to unfollow the firm. Hence more information will not be received. The LifeSci Advisors Twitter takes up the concerns of members on Twitter.