Roofer: Challenging Profession for Tough People

Contractor for Hire

When the water leaks and the strong wind has damaged the roof shingles, the person people call would be a roofer. They are construction workers specialized in roof repair and replacement.

Have you ever considered working as a roofer? You can help families to remain at their home safely during rainy seasons, and you can be one of the few people who dare to work in high places.

If you are interested, you can learn more about the profession by reading the information below.

A roofer should be strong and healthy

Renovated houseWorking on the roofs for hours in hot weather can be dangerous for people who cannot stand heat and height. Although no roofer works without safety protocols and equipment, the inability to focus and anxiety can lead to committing errors. And with a profession as risky as a roofer, an error can mean electrocution and falling off the roof.

A roofer must have a strong immune system. Once you become one, you can expect to work in temperatures as high as thirty-five degrees Celcius. For regions with drastic weather change, the impact on the body can be so much worse. Fatal exhaustion, chronic dehydration, and heat stroke are the health risks a roofer faces every day.

Roofers are unionized

If you want to be a roofer, you can seek the nearest roofer union and see if they open apprenticeship programs. There are tests and minimum requirements you must pass.

roofThe theories usually include roof materials. You will know which material suits best for houses in rainy regions and which material can withstand strong wind.

You will also receive knowledge about roof designs and how to repair the damage for each design. Wrong handling can only make the damage to be worse. And customer’s complaint is the last thing you want to hear.

Career prospect

To be a roofer, you do not need formal education or training, except the one offered by the union. A roofer can work for either household or commercial building, so the salary varies. But in average, a roofer makes 37,000 USD per year.

RooferThe prospect for a roofer is to join big contractors who handle elite real estates and office buildings. In case you have not noticed, roofers also handle window installation in tall buildings, even the scrappers. The risk is, of course, greater than house roofer, but the income is doubled. The number can reach 60,000 USD per year.