A buyer’s guide to the best drywall stilt

DIY construction projects can be somehow demanding for anyone. Most people that get involved in manual DIY projects have to work in an elevated position at some point. Most people would turn to using a ladder when working on elevated areas. However, using a ladder comes with some limitations. For instance, the need to carry or drag a ladder to different locations presents can be a daunting and time wasting task. However, drywall stills are considered to be superior alternatives to the use of ladders.

Choosing drywall stiltspainting we2

Drywall stilts have become increasingly popular among most DIYers and contractors due to their lightweight nature and practical benefits offered by this equipment. Drywall stilts are mostly used to simplify painting works, drywall tasks, drop ceiling works, and many other jobs. There are different types of drywall stilts. Thus, choosing the best unit is informed by a list of considerations, which vary depending on individual preferences along with the type of job. Here are some factors to consider when choosing drywall stilts.


Comfort should be among the most important considerations when choosing a drywall stilt. Stilts are meant to raise you a few feet higher, which implies that you will be spending a considerable amount of time up there. As such, things can be tough on your Achilles, feet, and knees. Most drywall stilts have a solid footing made from Aluminium. For maximum comfort, you should be looking for things likes shock absorbers, straps, canvas, and any other thing that has a direct effect on your comfort.


A good drywall stilt should be strong and stable. As such, when shopping for a drywall stilt, you should be looking at the quality of material used and the construction. The build or the nature of construction has a direct impact on the strength. Ideally, the build or strength serves to offer you some assurance on the maximum weight the equipment can support.

Height levels

The main reason for having a drywall stilt is to gain those additional inches needed to work on elevated jobs. Thus, you need to look at the maximum and also the height levels offered by the equipment. If possible, it is advisable to get an adjustable unit. This will help you work on jobs in different elevations.

When shopping for the best stilts for construction, you will realize that there is a huge variety to select. Some of these match your needs whereas others may not be the best. Thus, the tips shared in this article should move you closer to getting the right stilt for you.