How to Compare Camera Models



Are you an artistic person and are you interested in photography? If this is you, you may already have a basic camera and looking to purchase a better one with more features. Walking from store to store and considering all the different models can take quite a bit of time, and you may end up with a headache not knowing what to choose. If you have seen a few devices that you like, what you should do is read more about the comparison between them and see what others who have already used the models have to say.

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Canon has often been a favorite among many photographers both amateur and professional. They have been around for a while, and the company is known for developing quality products that last long and capture high-quality images.

There are now two recent models from this manufacturer that has been gaining more traction in the photography community. These are the Canon EOS 7D Mark II and the Canon EOS 70D. Let us take a closer look at the salient features of these two.


There is no difference here and both of they sport 20 megapixels that will deliver high-resolution images.

Shutter Speed & Sensor

Both have the same shutter speed of 1/8000s, but the sensor differs a little bit.

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The EOS 7D Mark II has 10.0fps continuous shooting while the EOS 70D comes in second with 7.0 fps. However, they both deliver great photos.

There are many other features in both models, but overall the Mark II can be declared as the more robust and feature packed model. These are just two of the most recent models that are suitable for any person who wants to capture the perfect moments.


Camera prices can range from $50 to a couple of thousand and will depend on the model you want to buy. These are not toys and are intricate works of technology and must be taken care of well. If you are a professional and want to deliver the best photographs to your clients, you should be using a device that can handle any lighting environment and still provide clear images.


A camera is a useful tool if you are the kind of person that likes to record moments in your family or help others to capture private events for other purposes. Do not compromise on the quality of a camera as only known brands will be able to deliver the results you need.