Renting A Bouncy Castle – A Few Useful Tips


Is your child’s birthday party fast approaching? Are you wondering how to make it as engaging and exciting as possible? If so, one of the best ways to spice up the party would definitely be to add a bouncing castle. These days, you can find these in a large number of colors and shapes, depending on the theme of the party and your kid’s interests. You could get a dark gray-hued dungeon or a colorful rainbow-designed castle. If your child has other preferences, you could easily get a teddy bear or a giant-dragon-like castle. The options are almost endless. In addition, finding a reliable bouncing castle provider such as the bouncy castle hire Manchester is relatively easy. In this article, allow us to provide some tips to finding the best bouncy castle and getting the most out of it.


The Size

Of course, start by making sure that the castle even fits into your garden or backyard. To do that, measure the space where you intend to place the castle Also, take into account the number of party guests, and the size of a bouncing castle itself. Always bear in mind that there is no point in getting a 70ft bouncing castle if the guests are mainly toddlers.

The Type

sadasasdNext up, pick the right type of a castle. There are a plethora of designs available, depending on the number of users and personal preferences. The designs can range from combo ones to Disney-themed ones, and they can all come in a wide variety of colors. Therefore, when choosing a castle, put an emphasis on the age of your child and his/ her guests, and their preferences. To make the best choice, consider involving them in your decision-making process.

Check The Quality

When renting a certain bouncy castle, remember to always look for any signs of wear and tear that could result in the castle puncturing or collapsing. To do that, make sure to inspect the castle’s seams, to determine if any weakness or breakage is apparent. If you are not satisfied with the quality of a particular castle, avoid renting it and continue your search. Always keep in mind that your kid/s and their friends will use the castle, so make sure there are no safety or health risks.

Consider The Weather

Try keeping an eye on the weather forecast days before the party. If there is a high possibility it will rain, ask the renting company if they have covered bouncing castles on offer. If there is a possibility of a high windy weather, avoid using slides or very high bouncing castles.

Renting A Bouncy Castle

In most cases, these are usually booked on the first come-first served basis. This means there is usually no deposit needed when renting. Therefore, try booking a bouncy castle at least three weeks prior to the party. However, if you want to be certain, you should book an appropriate castle the moment you decide to the party’s date. Some people are even known to book these almost a year in advance, so waste no time and secure a bouncy castle for your party as soon as possible.